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Quasonix Awarded Contract from US Air Force for Advanced Range Telemetry (ARTM) Tier I Missile Test Transmitters

West Chester, OH – Quasonix, LLC has been awarded a contract valued in excess of $3M by the US Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB for the development and production of up to 600 ARTM Tier I missile test transmitters (TIMTER). These ultracompact (6 cubic inch) transmitters deliver telemetry data from missile and aircraft platforms with twice the spectral efficiency of conventional designs, with no penalty in bit error rate (BER). This improvement in bandwidth utilization will dramatically mitigate the shortage of available spectrum for testing airborne platforms.

The TIMTER employs several unique technologies to achieve this breakthrough in performance. The Shaped Offset QPSK (SOQPSK) modulation invented by Terry Hill, the founder and president of Quasonix, is the heart of the design. This waveform carries twice as much data in the same bandwidth as the legacy PCM/FM modulation. The TIMTER also provides automatic adaptation to the input data rate, with no programming or control signals.

“We are very excited about the TIMTER award. This product is sorely needed in the missile test community, and we see it as the cornerstone of our expanding telemetry product line. In addition to delivering a very high fidelity SOQPSK waveform, the FPGAbased implementation of the modulator provides tremendous flexibility and growth potential to accommodate other modulations and new features,” said Mr. Hill.

Quasonix provides simulation, analysis, design, development, and manufacturing of a broad range of high performance communications systems. Quasonix has particular expertise in spectrally efficient modulations such as SOQPSK, Multi-h CPM, OFDM, and M-ary QAM. The company also has a wealth of experience in other communications system technologies including adaptive equalization, forward error correction, rapid symbol synchronizers, and multi-phase correlators. Contact Quasonix at info@quasonix.com or 513-942-1287 for more information.