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Quasonix Awarded Contract from US Air Force for Design of Multi-Mode Multi-Band Programmable Telemetry Transmitters

West Chester, OH – Quasonix, LLC has been awarded a contract by the US Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB for the preliminary design of a multi-mode, multiband programmable telemetry transmitter (MMUPTT). The objective of this nine-month effort is to set the stage for the development of prototype units which will support multiple modulation techniques as well as multiple frequency bands. The flexibility afforded by such a design will significantly enhance the ability of spectrum managers to allocate bandwidth for flight tests, even as the aircraft are rolling onto the flight line.

The MMUPTT design allows on-the-fly switching between the legacy PCM/FM, the Shaped Offset QPSK (SOQPSK) modulation invented by Terry Hill (founder and president of Quasonix), and the Multi-h CPM waveform developed under the Advanced Range Telemetry (ARTM) project funded by Edwards AFB. Furthermore, the MMUPTT can operate in multiple frequency bands, selectable via a serial control interface.

"The MMUPTT fits perfectly into our strategic plan. This product builds upon our Tier I missile test transmitter design, and will offer the flight test community an unprecedented level of flexibility in assigning spectrum to flight test missions,” said Mr. Hill.

Quasonix provides simulation, analysis, design, development, and manufacturing of a broad range of high performance communications systems. Quasonix has particular expertise in spectrally efficient modulations such as SOQPSK, Multi-h CPM, OFDM, and M-ary QAM. The company also has a wealth of experience in other communications system technologies including adaptive equalization, forward error correction, rapid symbol synchronizers, and multi-phase correlators. Contact Quasonix at info@quasonix.com or 513-942-1287 for more information.