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Quasonix Ships 1500th Transmitter

West Chester, OH – Quasonix, LLC reached a milestone with the shipment of the 1500th Multi-mode Telemetry Transmitter on September 2, 2011.

Quasonix shipped its first TIMTER™ multi-mode digital transmitters in September 2004. Sales have increased significantly, fueled by the industry’s standardization on Quasonix transmitters.

“The shipment of this unit is quite remarkable, but not because the unit itself is special in any way,” noted Quasonix President Terry Hill. “It's remarkable because it comes less than 7 months after our 1000th unit. This phenomenal growth rate is fueled by our ongoing R&D efforts, which have resulted in telemetry transmitters that deliver more performance, in smaller packages, at higher efficiency, at lower cost than any other transmitter in the market. Our customers clearly recognize this value.”

Quasonix recognizes the importance of thorough, rigorous testing of our products, to ensure they withstand the demanding environments in which they’re used. With a continual program of innovative development, the effectiveness of new designs is demonstrated by formal flight qualification tests.

Quasonix transmitters set the benchmark to which other vendors aspire. To our knowledge, there are no flight-qualified transmitters in production that match our combination of output power, input current, waveform fidelity, and spectral purity.


Quasonix designs, develops, and manufactures high performance aeronautical telemetry systems and is a recognized industry leader for spectrally efficient modulations such as SOQPSK and Multi-h CPM. Quasonix’ advanced product line extends from the air to the ground and includes transmitters, receivers, and demodulators with integral bit synchronizers. Quasonix is…Reinventing Telemetry™.