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Quasonix Announces 5-Band, 6 cu. in. Transmitter with Continuous Tuning

In conjunction with the 2011 International Telemetering Conference, Quasonix announces the availability of a new 5 band, 6 cubic inch transmitter with continuous tuning. The transmitter has a carrier frequency tuning range of 400 MHz to 5250.0 MHz. The 5 band TIMTER™ with continuous tuning is the smallest transmitter of its kind in the world.

Quasonix Announces S- and C-Band Transmitter Configurations

Quasonix now offers S and C band transmitter configurations. The S and C package provides a highly flexible solution with carrier frequency tuning ranges from 2200.5 MHz - 2394.5 MHz, 4400.0 MHz - 4940.0 MHz, and 5091.0 MHz - 5150.0 MHz with output power up to 10 Watts.

Quasonix Introduces 20 Watt C-Band Transmitter with 10mW to 20W Power Options

Quasonix' new 20 Watt C band transmitter now provides output power options from 10 milliwatts to 20 Watts. C band packages offer several RF output options as well as variable power and dual power options for software or hardware based power adjustment.

Quasonix Awarded Air Force Contract


West Chester, OH – Air Force Materiel Command at Eglin Air Force Base has awarded Quasonix, LLC a firm-fixed price contract for telemetry equipment to support the 846th Test Support Squadron. Included in the contract are orders for five 10 Watt Tri-band Telemetry Transmitters, three Tri-band Airborne Receiver/Demodulator/Synchronizers for support of pod interfaces, and six Rack Mount C-band Single Channel RDMS Telemetry Receivers with integral demodulators and bit synchronizers.

Quasonix Ships 1500th Transmitter

West Chester, OH – Quasonix, LLC reached a milestone with the shipment of the 1500th Multi-mode Telemetry Transmitter on September 2, 2011.

Quasonix shipped its first TIMTER™ multi-mode digital transmitters in September 2004. Sales have increased significantly, fueled by the industry’s standardization on Quasonix transmitters.

nanoTX™ is Army Choice

West Chester, OH – Quasonix, LLC was awarded a contract valued at over $300,000 for its diminutive nanoTX™ transmitters. The U.S. Army Contracting Command recently ordered 129 single Watt S-band transmitters.

Quasonix Awarded Contract for TIMTER Telemetry Transmitters by AFTD

Aviation Flight Test Directorate (AFTD) at Fort Rucker, Alabama has placed an order for eight TIMTER™ Telemetry Transmitters. The units provide 10 Watts of output power and are enabled for PCM/FM and SOQPSK waveform modes. The L band transmitters span frequencies of 1435.5 MHz to 1534.5 MHz. The contract also includes a request for two Quasonix Ruggedized Handheld Programmers.

Tyonek Service Corporation Awards Second Contract to Quasonix

Tyonek Service Corporation has awarded Quasonix, LLC its second contract in as many months. Under the terms of the $150,000 contract, Quasonix will provide Tyonek at Redstone Technical Test Center, Huntsville, Alabama with five L band TIMTER™ Multi-mode Telemetry transmitters with 10 Watts of output power, five RDMS™ Airborne Telemetry receivers, and five Ruggedized Handheld Programmers.

Quasonix Awarded Order for Transmitters, Receivers, and Hand-Held Programmers by Tyonek Services Corp.

Quasonix, LLC received an order from Tyonek Services Corporation at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. The contract, valued at $125,000 includes four 10 Watt TIMTER™ Telemetry Transmitters, four RDMS™ Airborne Telemetry Receivers, and four ruggedized handheld programmers (HHP). The handheld programmer is designed to facilitate setting transmitters and receivers for operation. With an intuitive touch screen surface, the increasingly popular HHP includes an embedded Quasonix Utility Application enabling basic command settings to get transmitters and receivers up and running quickly.

Quasonix Awarded Contract for Rack-Mount RDMS Receivers by U.S. NAVSEA

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NAVSEA), Dahlgren Division at Dahlgren, Virginia has awarded Quasonix, LLC a contract for two RDMS™ Rack Mount Receivers. The highest performing telemetry receiver on the market, RDMS™ is available in a compact 1U package featuring up to four channels with optional diversity combining and frequency coverage in the P, Lower L, Upper L, S, and C bands.