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TIMTER™ Transmitter

Quasonix' digital multi-mode telemetry transmitters are the benchmark of the industry, providing unparalleled performance and value, in small, robust, power-efficient packages. The TIMTER™ transmitter, now in its third generation and smaller than ever at 4.1 cubic inches, offers the most versatility with advanced capabilities like L/S/C frequency tuning, and output power up to 25 Watts.


Base Configuration

ARTM Modulations

Quasonix transmitters offer three different modulations of increasing spectral efficiency - PCM/FM, SOQPSK-TG, and Multi-h CPM - also known as ARTM Tiers 0, I, and II, at standard bit rates from 0.1 to 28 Mbps (0.05 to 14 Mbps for PCM/FM).  Options (HR/LR) are available to extend the upper limit to a maximum of 46 Mbps (23 Mbps for PCM/FM) and the lower limit to a minimum of 50 kbps (25 kbps for PCM/FM). With bandwidth at a growing premium in flight test telemetry, you can take advantage of 2 to 2.5 times the data capacity of the legacy PCM/FM waveform with SOQPSK-TG and Multi-h CPM.

Product Configurations

RF Output Power

  • 10 mW, 1 W, 5 W, 10 W, or 20 W
  • S band also available in 25 W

Frequency Band

  • Lower L band (1435.5 MHz - 1534.5 MHz)
  • Upper L band (1750.0 MHz - 1855.0 MHz)
  • S band (2200.5 MHz - 2394.5 MHz)
  • L/S band
  • C band (4400.0 MHz - 4940.0 MHz)
  • C band with "mid" option (C + 5091.0 MHz - 5150.0 MHz)
  • L/C band
  • S/C band
  • L/S/C band

Baseband Interface

  • TTL or TIA/RS-422 (RS-422)

Other Highlights

  • Many Output Power Options with Exceptional Efficiency
  • Outputs from 10 mW to 25 W and optional variable power - all while drawing less current than the competition
  • 1.3 cubic inch Multi-mode Transmitter
  • nanoTX stands alone as the only 1.3 cubic inch transmitter with multi-mode and 5 W output capabilities
  • L/S/C Transmitter Available
  • Lower L-, Upper L-, and full S-band frequency tuning available in L/S band
  • C-band Transmitter Available
  • Supports migration to 4400-4950 MHz and 5091-5150 MHz bands at 5 W or 10 W
  • Automatic Data Rate Tracking
  • As long as the external clock remains within the specified data rates above, the transmitter will automatically adjust to it with no programming or configuration required
  • Bypassable Randomizer
  • Standard IRIG-106 fifteen-stage randomizer, for applications with non-encrypted data
  • Intuitive Control
  • Straightforward configuration and control and platform-independence with serial terminal programming